Health & Wellness in the USA and Abroad

Mercury Health Travel is the longest established provider of corporate health travel benefit administration in the USA.

The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mercury Healthcare International, in Denver, Colorado.  Since 1983, we've helped self-funded health benefit plan administrators to design a medical travel benefit offered through plans they administer.

Choose from more than 65,000 Approved Providers in the USA and 120 countries.asset-12x

Once our clients' unique program is designed, documented and ready for use, Mercury Health Travel's care coordination team manages the travel and care navigation and care continuity and outcomes measurement for plan participants of that client company through an ongoing Service Agreement.  

Our TPA partner manages all provider fee settlement at a corporate level.  

Our exclusive Travel Agency partner is appropriately credentialed as a regulated seller of travel in accordance with U.S. federal and state statutes and regulations directly impacting travel agents.

Employers experience savings of about $15,000 per case (often much more) on each surgery that flows through our globally integrated health delivery system®. How much they save in the aggregate is relative to the number of plan participants who elect to use the programs we offer and the number of services they utilize.