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Mercury Health Travel has been coordinating health travel for employers for over 30 years.

Mercury Health Travel, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mercury Healthcare International is a high-tech, high-touch corporate medical travel benefit administrator. Our corporate medical travel benefit management service includes the services of our partners including a next generation travel agency ranked among the top digital technology companies based in New York for 2016 with discounted fares and relationships with over 450 airlines, 150,000 hotels and other travel support services. Our partner TPA operates in more than 20 states in the USA and manages bundled payment claims adjudication for medical travel services and is powered by Oracle. Our coordination services are powered by the Higowell cloud-based software platform unparalleled as state of the art for medical travel case management and health travel logistics and outcomes measurement and monitoring. Our insurance partner provides clients with managed care liability insurance, reinsurance, development and operation of domestic and offshore captives, and medical travel complications coverage, if needed.

Mercury Healthcare International is the umbrella for two core businesses, and four distinct health tourism divisions. The Mercury Health Travel division is home of the world's largest integrated network of Approved Providers of healthcare and other health tourism services. 


Mercury's CEO was the primary subject matter expert for functionality design and is an investor and shareholder in the world's first and only cloud-based, health tourism operations platform, Higowell. She owns the trademark for our globally integrated health delivery system®.  

Leadership, Expertise & Experience

Maria Todd leads a field review in Peru to evaluate various destinations and suppliers for medical tourism readiness.

Maria Todd is a world renowned leader and strategist in health and wellness tourism and the author of five internationally-published, peer reviewed books on medical tourism business development and operations. Her background includes advanced degrees in healthcare business administration, work as a surgical nurse, travel agent and tour operator. But she's also worked hands on as a hospital and ASC executive, HMO Provider Relations coordinator and contract negotiator, and Executive Director of U.S. integrated health networks. Work experience as a health law paralegal and mediator of payer-provider contract disputes round out her skills and experience to lead the team. She's one-of-a-kind in the health tourism industry.


Our Approved provider network is the first and only globally integrated health delivery system® of its kind. It took four attempts to register the this term of art with the USPTO.  In 2010, they acknowledged our unique network design and functionality and granted us the trademark registration.

Our CEO has been engaged as a direct appointed consultant by embassies, tourism and economic development ministries educational institutions, and hotel and hospital trade associations. She is a globally recognized and respected authority called upon to develop national health tourism regulatory frameworks, market penetration strategies, and to assess market potential for health tourism readiness and destination development.  

Care Continuity and Quality Assurance

Mercury Health Travel has a medical director of counsel in each destination where program participants travel for care. They keep us informed about local conditions and intercede whenever necessary and review providers we might add to our network.  On occasion they may also intercede as an advocate for a plan participant .  

While we are not eligible for URAC accreditation, we have implemented many of their relevant, rigorous and fair credentialing and due diligence processes to design our network standards and practices.

Our Team

Program design - Our experts include brokers and benefits advisers who have worked with us for years.  They assist employers, unions and plan administrators to complete plan documents. We also have experts in actuarial analysis, predictive modeling and population health management working side by side with epidemiologists who assist our clients with feasibility studies. They advise whether or not a health tourism program makes sense for a prospective client.  

Care Management - Nurse case managers coordinate pre-departure, patient eligibility screenings, arrange telehealth consultations with destination providers, and oversee concurrent and post-treatment care continuity.  They also monitor and measure clinical outcomes.

Travel planning - Specially-trained travel planners organize medical travel itineraries and specify requirements to be followed by our partner travel agency when making airline reservations.  These travel planners know the connecting airport layouts, are connected to special services providers, (wheelchair escorts, airport ground handling, etc.) airport hotel managers, ramp managers, airport station managers, arrival and departure coordinators, and are involved in every logistics touchpoint in the medical travel journey.


We work with employers, multiemployer unions and insurers to design and implement their bespoke medical travel program to integrate with your organization's established benefit program.  Our unique approach to health tourism benefit design requires little, if any SPD and plan document modification.


We use your plan's unique population health data and predictive modeling information to determine if a medical travel program makes sense for your plan participants, and upon which areas to focus. We don't sell surgery packages and we are not focused solely on international destinations and providers.


Save plan dollars. Satisfy fiduciary loyalty requirements. Identify and implement a narrow network of designated providers from our Approved Provider lists. Negotiate exclusive discounted rates just for your program. Access end-to-end operational and TPA support. A trusted adviser you can depend on.