We help shape the health travel industry.

With more than a quarter century of service, including 33 years of field inspections, we’ve continually evolved. We periodically review and adjust our program to ensure a fair, complete assessment in line with client expectations, advances in technology, changes in urban and regional planning, public health standards and industry trends. Broad-based clinical and travel industry experience allows our highly trained, professional inspectors to incorporate our proprietary and subjective criteria into their reviews.

Use of our Approved Provider Logo


Many establishments proudly display their Mercury Health Travel Approved Provider status and Diamond Rating on their signage, marketing communications materials and websites. This is arranged by written permission and no fee is exchanged. By written agreement, a voluntary cease and desist is exchanged should either party withdraw from the program or the designation be revoked or suspended for cause.

 Mercury Health Travel's Approved Provider Program

For more than 30 years, Mercury Health Travel's commitment to steady, long-term improvement in our services and health and wellness tourism coordination activities and process is a cornerstone of our business strategy. Maintaining customer satisfaction and enhancing our leadership value is a mutual goal of both Mercury Health Travel and its Approved Providers. To achieve this objective, we must continuously work together to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of our programming, processes, administration, quality, and support organizations.  

Mercury Health Travel's supplier /vendor certification program is an important component of our total quality management system. It assures our clients that an Approved Provider's products and services are delivered under a controlled process that results in consistent conformance with our requirements. Our process supports the concept of quality at the source by doing it right the first time thereby substantially reducing or eliminating the need for final quality inspections by the supplier, by our internal quality process, or by our corporate medical travel program organizers. The primary objective of the inspection and supplier approval process is to assure consistent high quality as demonstrated by predictable conformance to our requirements. The basic premise is that we want to identify suppliers that have adequate process controls in place and they provide legitimate proof that their products are consistently fit for health and wellness tourism patients and meet 100% of our requirements.

Mercury Health Travel's professionally trained inspectors convey the voice of our clients. They conduct in-person property inspections as a service to clients, using guidelines weighted by member priorities and our proprietary health and wellness travel standards and criteria. Inspections are both announced and unannounced to ensure a typical medical traveler guest experience, and clients are encouraged to provide ongoing feedback and recommendations, submit photographs and recommend new candidates.

Please address any questions to provider.relations@mercuryadvisorygroup.com

About site inspections

Mercury has been conducting site inspections of hospitals, clinics, dialysis centers, ambulatory (same-day) surgery centers, hotels, restaurants, attractions, ground transfer services, arrival and departure coordinators, destination management companies, and others as part of its commitment to safer and more pleasurable health and wellness travel experiences. Mercury Health Travel's professional inspectors conduct both scheduled and unscheduled evaluations, so they encounter the same experience our clients do. At the appropriate time, inspectors identify themselves in order to gain full access to the property. When traveling on mystery shops, inspectors do not accept any perks or discounts not extended to all guests. Anonymity is maintained during overnight stays and visits to potential Five Diamond hotels. For hospitals and clinics, due to the nature of the reason for the visit and obvious security concerns, our arrangements are made at the executive level to authorize necessary access for inspections, but the rest of the staff is usually unaware of the reason for our visit. Our clinical inspectors are also encouraged to interact with patients to enquire about their experiences while confined as in inpatient.

Inspector training and competency

Our professional trained inspectors are provided comprehensive guidance for conducting evaluations specifically for health and wellness traveler matters. While a hotel may be a 5 star hotel for the average guest, it may be totally inappropriate for some medical and wellness travel guests with special needs.  Inspectors are in an ideal position to observe health and wellness travel trends as they emerge. When they see service changes, colors, layouts, technology, and other elements across multiple segments or geographic areas, they watch for related trends that may prompt changes in our health and wellness Approved Provider  program evaluation guidelines.

Our proprietary standards and criteria

We partner with the hospitality industry, the hospital associations, accrediting and certifying bodies, tourism boards, and others to gather input, discuss our standards and the objectives behind our ratings, and openly share in workshops around the world how our standards are applied. We also ask our clients for their input at the corporate and individual level what elements of their hospital stay, or hotel or dining experience are most important to them. We then rate the rating factors to reflect member expectations, but always in the context of clinical appropriateness.

Approved Providers are selected on merit

We are the one of the rare health and wellness travel administrators that accepts no payment in cash or in kind for the privilege of being listed.  Selection is 100% merit-based.  

We strongly urge prospective partners to take full advantage of our Approved Provider program and take full advantage of Mercury Health Travel inspectors during an on-site evaluation since our experts are exposed to a wide range of hospitals, clinics, dialysis centers, hotels and alternative accommodations, as well as restaurants, airports, and ground transfer services throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Mexico and the Caribbean, Australasia and Africa.  Annually, we evaluate thousands of establishments and clinical facilities and individual practitioners throughout the globe.  

Prospective providers wishing to join our network should be clear on one thing:  First and foremost, every hospital, clinic, lodging and restaurant and all vehicles of approved providers must maintain acceptable levels of cleanliness, quality and comfort and professional liability insurance. Properties that fall below standards are deleted — never downgraded.  

Our position on certifications and designations

Please don't spend money needlessly on certifications or accreditation for the purpose of influencing our decisions.  After more than 30 years in the industry, we know which accreditations and certifications are bought and paid for in quickie workshops and fee-based site visits (we refer to them as "wallpaper" issuers) and which are earned and must be maintained.

If you claim an accreditation or certification on your application, rest assured your status and history with that accrediting and/or certifying body will be verified by primary source verification. The standards of that accreditation or certification will be reviewed prior to our inspector's arrival. You should expect to be spot checked on various standards and documentation and by tracer methodology.

Finally, we value integrity and transparency. If you represent that you are "being accredited" or "pending certification or "preparing for accreditation", or if we find mention of these phrases it in a review of any of your marketing and advertising collateral you will automatically be disqualified. Like pregnancy, you either are certified or accredited, or are not.

Providers other than Clinical and Hospitality Outlets

We welcome Expressions of Interest from Arrival and Departure Coordinators, DMCs, Car Hire and other Group Support Providers, Restaurants and Attractions and Activities Providers.  We're very particular. Not every interested establishment is evaluated or rated — and not every Approved and Diamond Rated establishment keeps its Mercury Health Travel standing. Therefore, we invite you to send us an expression of interest. We'll note it in our files and if we are ever in the area for a client inspection, or other business, we'll be sure to contact you in advance to meet briefly and discuss options and opportunities.  Unfortunately, we cannot make a special trip to inspect your services and operations independent of other reasons to be in the area, but we travel quite often. We appreciate your kind understanding and patience.