The Opportunity We Offer to Approved Providers

Approved Provider status lists you in the network as having been Approved and inspected by us. Only then can we vouch for your hospital, clinic, hotel or other service to them. Some clients take us on our word and jump directly to Request for Proposal stage.

New clients often request that we accompany them on their site inspection and executive interviews. When we do this with them we are their advocate; not your marketing agency. Adding you to the list of Approved Providers assures that you will be considered by our client if the destination or your reputation appeals to them.

We only work with corporate health benefit plan sponsors operated by businesses and labor unions who are most likely self-insured; not individual consumers. The designated providers they select for their provider network or pilot program is their private decision. To set clear expectations, there is the risk that you could be Approved by us and not be selected by our clients for some reason. If we gather feedback we feel would be helpful to you, with their permission, we will always share that with you.

Cosmetic, Spa, and other Non-Covered Services
From time to time, we may, as a courtesy coordinate a case for one of their plan members but this is rare. In these rare instances, none of the costs associated with requested services are paid for by the plan.

For Clinical Providers

A Request for Proposal can be a single or a multi-staged process and is usually used when the project or requirement has been defined and the Approved Provider has been shortlisted by the client.

When you receive a specific request for a proposal based on our clients’ population health data and anticipated frequency and utilization of certain services, that’s when you should begin determining negotiated price offers for fully inclusive case rates, diagnostic services, telehealth and other services you can supply. Not before.

Tips for Providers:

  1. Bear in mind that our clients will search the Internet for your advertised medical tourism one-off prices and will expect that a volume driven discount will be offered to win their business. Just remember, “the Internet never forgets.”
  2. Also remember that you won’t be expected to pay any finder’s fee or referral commission so you don’t need to embed or pad the proposal to cover the added costs of the commission payments.

For Accommodation Providers

Many of our corporate clients may have already established rates and rate codes with your brand. As an Approved Provider they will still want to use their discount codes if they have them, because those nights accumulate to rate renewals. However, due to the nature with their employee’s and plan participants stay, your facility must be both appropriate for the guest’ medical requirements, not just a matter of price.

Approved Provider status for hotels, spas, guest houses, and alternate accommodations helps us to discuss with the client how we view the appropriateness of your facility based on the requirements of their plan participants’ needs and preferences. Ultimately the final decision to use your property or select another is theirs. However, being listed as an Approved Provider may influence their final selection.

In the medical tourism consumer world, some hotels have negotiated deals with hospitals and clinics. Again, we follow independent standards and their standards may not meet or exceed ours. More often than not, we discover that the tie ups with hospitals and clinics are often based on personal relationships, price negotiations and geographic convenience rather than appropriateness for specific cases.

For instance, a guest with mobility impairment due to orthopedic limitations is different than one visiting for cancer care that requires no plant matter or organic soils and garden features (neutropenic environment) in or near the sleeping room, etc.

Often the clients’ requirements are far more than a handicap accessible room. All wall coverings, floor coverings and decor is also evaluated as are floor surfaces, seating areas, room lighting, power outlets, guest Wi-Fi, food and beverage outlets, etc.  

Tips for Accommodations Providers

  1. Our clients have indicated that they frown on and will avoid properties that charge for Wi-Fi, and Resort Fees for extended stays due to medical recuperation or wellness stays.  You'll have a better chance of winning their business with special incentives if your hotel, guest house or spa is an appropriate short-listed choice.
  2. In-room refrigerators and coffee makers, in-room safes, and other amenities are a plus and make the extended medical stay so much more pleasant, especially for guests on a special diet or weak and or in pain after surgery or medical procedures or when on medication.
  3. Expect guests to travel with 4-5 tech devices. Have ample plug ins close to the bed.
  4. Have reclining chairs available for women who have had recent breast surgery. Many guests must sleep upright after neck, back, and other nerve procedures. Make it available even if you must rent it and charge the rental as a pass through.
  5. If the hotel grounds are spacious and spread out, ensure that the concierge knows where a motorized scooter can be rented and delivered on a credit card deposit.
  6. Have prepaid, rechargeable sim cards available for guests along with one or two loaner phones that are "unlocked".