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Benefits Professionals FAQ

Do you collaborate with benefits professionals?


Please call our office and speaker directly with Dr Maria Todd, our CEO. She can be reached at 800.209.7263.


Must I have an active life and health license?

No. There are no insurance sales involved.

We work strictly with self-funded employers, labor unions and associations.  (ERISA & MEWAs). You must have an in-force policy for professional liability.

If you have a life and health license and would like to sell complications insurance policies or a travel accident policies as an add-on voluntary product, we'll direct you to the people we're connected with and you can make your arrangements directly with them. While we recommend their products, we don't sell them directly or indirectly because we are not in the business of selling insurance.

How do you compensate benefits professionals?

Benefits professionals are compensated on a commission basis as an independent contractor. We have a lucrative incentive program for benefits professionals.  Please contact Dr Todd, our CEO for additional details.

Depending on your book of business and your effort, it's possible to make as much income as you desire with our program. It doesn't matter if you are active, semi-retired or retired. If you introduce the program to your existing clients and close sale of the medical travel program, you'll make money. You'll be paid 10 days after we are paid.

Then, when a case is administrated through the system, you'll make a small override on the case management revenues for every case managed for covered or non-covered services. These are our fees for our value added services performed. They are not commissions, kickbacks or provider fee splitting arrangements as all three of those revenue sources are illegal or otherwise problematic.

Do you protect territories?

Yes, after you've generated certain revenue levels your incentives increase by certain percentage points.

Revenue is credited to you for a closed sale of a new account. An additional amount is paid to you on an ongoing basis for the life of the account tied to utilization.

Dr Todd is happy to explain more about the program in its entirety if there's mutual interest. Please call her directly for details. (800) 209.7263.

Can I bring in agents to work under my relationship with Mercury?

Yes, we can work under that arrangement if you like. We'll contract with you and you contract with your downline sales representatives under whatever arrangement you'd like.  Dr Todd is happy to discuss this arrangement with you at your convenience. Please call her directly for details. (800) 209.7263.

Can we access Mercury's Health Travel network for personal use?

Health & Wellness Services

Yes, we invite our benefits professionals to access our discounts and our network for themselves, their families and extended family and their employees.  Many of our benefits professionals use the Executive Checkup program and combine a checkup with a vacation at an appealing destination. As a benefit of working as a Mercury Health Travel Affiliatee, we waive our case management fees the same as if you were one of our employees.

Travel Discounts

You are also welcome to avail yourself, your family extended family and employees of any travel discounts we can obtain for you.

What amenities are available as associate Benefits Professionals?

Occasionally, we can extend invitations to you to accompany us on familiarization ("fam") tours and site inspections at destinations where our Approved Providers are located. These trips are often fully or partially hosted by the suppliers and tourism officials. Some invite our inspection team only. Others also invite our benefits professionals and potential "hot accounts" where there is a specific interest in a destination or particular supplier.  Acceptance of an invitation when offered is strictly up to you. If you have the time and inclination, we welcome you to come and learn.

These trips help you to learn more about how we inspect and verify credentials, training, quality, safety, and more. It also enables you to speak more confidently and answer probing questions from clients interested in the program. You'll be able to answer in detail and give personal testimony about the destinations, the health facilities, the doctors, dentists, and other providers. You'll accompany us on inspections, meet with government officials, hospital and hotel executives, ground transportation, destination management and other suppliers with whom we work.

There are no second opportunities for first impressions.

The pace is never leisurely, these trips are not vacations, and you are REQUIRED to attend all appointments and activities and dress appropriately. If you ignore this requirement, it reflects poorly on your brand and on ours. If you miss activities and appointments or violate protocol without good cause, your association with Mercury Health Travel will be terminated without appeal at the conclusion of the trip. These trips are not vacations.  If you wish to remain at a destination and extend your time there for an extend "bleisure" stay, you are most welcome to do so at your own expense. You are most welcome to bring a companion who will share your hotel room, but you should expect to focus on work for all scheduled activities. Frequently our staff will bring a companion who occupies themselves with city tours, shopping, and sightseeing while we work, or does work in the hotel room or business center. Then, after the work portion of the trip is concluded, they join their companion and spend their bleisure time at the destination or rent a car or book a tour and go off on their own for an extra few days after the business activities are concluded. Our hosts often help us to get the best deals and often score amenities for the bleisure part so we can spend more time, money and discover their destination.

I have experience writing compliant SPDs. Is that helpful to you?


Many of our clients must tweak their SPDs and other plan documents ever so slightly to add the medical travel benefit program to their existing self-funded health benefit plan. If you have verifiable references and at least five years' experience writing these plan documents, we will work with you once the time comes and their custom program has been designed.

We value and respect that extra knowledge and training you bring and we're thrilled to be able to collaborate with you in this way.  Whenever possible, if a new account needs this service we may refer them to you if they don't already have a benefits professional who can help them.  When that happens, you retain 100% of your consulting fees.

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