Mercury Healthcare International is a global leader in the health and wellness tourism industry

Seller side:
We help providers to organize their medical tourism services and assist with their marketing, branding and quality strategies and implementation.  We help government authorities and ministries and their agencies develop commerce at destinations by helping to organize and train stakeholders and develop health and wellness branding and messaging for medical tourism destinations.

Buyer side:
We are fee-based consultants. We help self-insured employers, labor unions, associations and helathcare purchasing coalitions develop proprietary health and wellness travel benefit programs. Once the program is defined and fully-documented, we help clients procure services for their health travel benefit program or direct contracting with local health services suppliers.

Client Procurement Services (Outsourced Concierge Model)

  • Situation Analysis
  • Population Health Analysis for Health Travel Feasibility to determine if a medical travel program should be developed and how
  • Request for Proposals from healthcare, hospitality and travel suppliers (domestic and international)
  • Shortlisting according to client's program specifications
  • Request for Tender from shortlisted healthcare, hospitality and travel suppliers  (domestic and international)
  • Request for Quote from shortlisted healthcare, hospitality and travel suppliers  (domestic and international)
  • Request for Information from healthcare, hospitality and travel suppliers  (domestic and international)
  • Cost Analysis
  • Client Support for Benefit Administration, Claims Processing and Case Management
  • Sourcing  of Approved Providers and Suppliers
  • Specialized Medical Travel Logistics Planning and Coordination
  • Outsourcing for medical travel logistics, planning and coordination, if desired (short term or long term or backstopping)
  • Flash sourcing for unexpected needs or program expansion
  • Contracts, Subcontracts, Memorandum of Understanding, Letters of Agreement
  • Centralization (cost reduction)
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) creation implementation, and measurement
  • Software to operate the program (SAAS / Employee Benefits Portal)
  • Total Project Management
  • Process Engineering and Implementation
  • Cost reduction measurement and program efficacy
  • Patient satisfaction measurement, monitoring, feedback and continuous quality improvement
  • Supplier satisfaction measurement, monitoring, feedback and continuous quality improvement
  • Buyer satisfaction measurement, monitoring, feedback and continuous quality improvement
  • Dispute resolution (mediation arbitration, expert witness testimony)
  • Vendor management
  • Contract renewals and modifications


Internal Program Management Support (D-I-Y)

Should you decide that you would like to manage your own program after it has been established, we offer training and initial backstopping (shadowing and mentoring) for internal self-management, including:

  • Process Improvement
  • New Process Engineering and Documentation
  • Supplier Bidding
  • Site Inspections (criteria, documentation, survey best practices what to ask, how to decide)
  • Benchmarking across suppliers
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Provider and Supplier Contracts, Templates for Subcontracts, Memorandum of Understanding, Letters of Agreement
  • Contract Renewals and Modifications
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) creation implementation, and measurement
  • Software to operate and manage the benefit program (SAAS / Employee Benefits Portal)
  • Operational Processes
    • medical records and data exchange
    • telehealth conferences with providers, admission and discharge coordinators
    • medical travel case management
    • appointment setting
    • local stay arrangements (outside hospital or clinic environment)
    • return home
    • outcomes measurement
  • Medical travel logistics and specialized travel planning
  • Risk minimization and mitigation /Contingency planning
  • Provider fee settlement
  • Proof of Cost Reduction measurement and program efficacy
  • Patient satisfaction measurement, monitoring, feedback and continuous quality improvement
  • Supplier satisfaction measurement, monitoring, feedback and continuous quality improvement
  • Buyer satisfaction measurement, monitoring, feedback and continuous quality improvement
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification preparation

How we can help

Simple and Quick

  • We can facilitate a planning retreat and lead discussions with your healthcare cost containment task force on very short notice  (actual travel costs + time)
  • Participate on scheduled task force discussion conference calls to listen to problems, answer questions, evaluate workflows and offer solutions (hourly fee)
  • We can supply a flexible SPD Description template for your medical travel benefit program (flat fee $350)
  • Look over your framework program design and identify oversights and gaps recommend best practices (flat fee $700)
  • Introduce you to travel agency and TPA partners already experienced with corporate medical travel benefit administration who can help (no charge for our existing clients)
  • Accompany you or perform delegated site inspections on your behalf for shortlisted candidate Centers of Excellence, hotel partners and ground support partners  (actual travel costs + time)
  • Assist you or negotiate provider contracts on your behalf (actual travel costs + time)

Custom Services (hourly rate applies)

  • We'll evaluate your past claims data, lasered claims and predictive modeling data to determine benefit program feasibility and what to focus on first
  • Supply custom criteria designed just for your unique program (hospitals, ASCs, Centers of Excellence, physicians and surgeons, home health suppliers, hotel suppliers, driver services, destination coordinators)
  • Develop, supply and explain specimen provider contracts to procure services from hospitals, clinics and other suppliers so you can negotiate directly with candidate providers for your unique program
  • Fully-outsourced, end-to-end case management and beneficiary logistics coordination for your program (competitive hourly rates, charged in .1 hour increments)

Invite Maria Todd to Your Next Company Healthcare Cost Containment Strategy Meeting

Maria Todd Medical Tourism Strategy Speaker

Maria Todd Develops Corporate Medical Travel Programs

Invite Maria Todd to your next corporate cost containment task force meeting

Bring your data and ask any question you can think of about corporate medical travel planning.

She's prepared to discuss:

  • If you can save money through Medical Travel Center of Excellence program
  • How to design your Pilot Program for quick wins
  • How much detail to include in SPD and SPC modifications
  • How to explain what you want to do to underwriters and reinsurers
  • How to procure exclusive pricing for health travel services
  • How much to allow for related incidentals (like food, tips, and taxis)
  • Workflow designs for an episode of care
  • How to source case managers, travel planners and TPA services
  • How you'll explain and promote your program to beneficiaries
  • Criteria needed to select facilities, hotels, airlines, and other suppliers
  • How to keep tort lawyers at bay and regulators off your back
  • How you'll track clinical outcomes and compare savings
  • How to better manage lasered claims


Health Services Supply Chain for Medical Travel Benefit Programs

A Seamless Medical Travel Benefit Supply Chain

The best corporate medical travel supply chains aren't just cost-effective.  They are also agile and adaptable and they ensure that all stakeholders' interests and objectives are integrated and aligned.  Managed care provider networks were originally intended to be operated that way, but powerful interests and corporate profit-taking by many health plans and insurers skewed the alignment until it was essentially non-existent.  

A health or rehab travel supply chain consists of internal (corporate) and external (coordination and local and destination suppliers) entities involved in value-added processes. The value chain of a corporate medical travel benefit product or service ranges from development and production to plan participant informational materials creation (SPD, wrap document, intranet portal, benefit booklets, etc.) to provider contracting and claims administration services.  We offer two unique services for self-insured employers, labor unions, associations and co-ops: Do-it-yourself (with our assistance as you need it) and Concierge (where we do everything that's required for you).

Mercury Health Travel's Corporate Medical Travel Benefit Administration supply chain management oversees the entire value-added process of your medical, dental, wellness or rehab travel benefit. We bring you all the strategies you'll need and implementation assistance for the optimal use and distribution of resources, information, and finances for your program.  We divide the process into four phases:

  • Corporate medical travel benefit program design
  • Corporate medical travel benefit supply chain planning and procurement
  • Corporate medical travel benefit program implementation and execution
  • Corporate medical travel benefit value monitoring, measurement and outcomes reporting


Analyze and Optimize Your Corporate Medical Travel Benefit Program Supply Chain

Using familiar business management tools such as the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model, we help you determine exactly what you'll need (no more; no less) to assess your corporate medical travel benefit supply chain and develop cost-cutting strategies. From program design to program launch launch, your company can optimize and coordinate the necessary steps, information and resources for your corporate medical travel benefit program whether you are currently in design or pilot stage to achieve proof of concept or in full benefit program launch or benefit expansion mode to add new approved procedures, additional centers of excellence, or additional destinations and specialists.

When we help you with your corporate medical travel benefit program supply chain management, you will capitalize on potential cost reductions, optimize custom provider networks that are purpose built for your unique corporate medical travel program, and maximize the benefits of supply chain management. It's what you do when you contract with your ASO or PPO and a TPA for your local healthcare, so why not apply the same principle to your corporate medical travel benefit program? We've focused our efforts and expertise on corporate medical travel benefit design and administration and the logistics and operations that ASOs, PPOs and TPAs generally aren't prepared to handle.

If we don't believe that a corporate medical travel benefit program won't add value and save you money, we'll tell you why we think so and use your own past claims data and predictive modeling of future claims to explain why.

Interested?  Schedule a brief call with us to discuss your situation and get answers, today.  (800) 209.7263

SCOR for Corporate Medical Travel Benefits

The SCOR model involves 6 main processes


This is where the basis for downstream processes are formed. We advise you on our best recommendations for program and benefit design, rules, conditions, and policies.


This is where the supply and demand are merged. All other processes within this value stage are coordinated here.


This includes all the actions necessary for procuring services and systems to meet the anticipated or actual demand.


This is where the contracting with providers takes place and proof of concept testing occurs


End-to-end transport management and medical records transfers (pre and post) and the movement of plan participants and their companion travelers are assigned to this stage.


This process includes the measurement and evaluation of the goods and services, savings and relationship status (outcomes reporting and measurement) of the suppliers is carried out.

graphic depiction of corporate medical travel supply chain management

From: The Employer's Guide to Medical Tourism Benefit Design -- Maria K Todd