When Mercury Health Travel coordinates your plan participants' health travel experience, we work with them to include the destination activities that they would like to add at their own expense.


Mercury Health Travel is your one-stop-shop for all things to do with corporate medical travel benefits management

As the most discerning, up-to-the-minute voice in all things related to corporate health travel, Mercury Health Travel is the global employer’s go-to authority and adviser, offering program guidance, inspiration and vital intel. We understand the corporate and fiduciary concerns of self-insured employers. We understand healthcare costs, quality and patient safety.  We have over 3 decades of patient movement and logistics experience. We've dealt with local insurgence, structural and natural disasters, emergency evacuations, and unanticipated medical and travel complications because we plan for them and drill on disaster preparedness for health tourism.  We developed our Approved Provider Program which saves employers and plan sponsors time and money so that you never waste a dollar no matter how large or small your program and you'll never be faced with a decision to cut corners where you shouldn't.

Companies have paid for necessary medical travel for decades

Many companies are interested in making a benefit available to their employees and are willing to cover the flights or travel expense to get one patient and one companion traveler to the destination. They are also willing to pay for the hotel room, board, and taxes, all plan-covered associated medical costs, and often they add a stipend or allowance in the form of a per diem paid in advance of departure for a certain number of days. The per diem can be used for food and beverage at the destination and some plan participants use it to pay for parking and shuttles at their home airport, pet sitters, and other incidentals related to the travel for health.

That's all well and good, but what if the employee and their companion would like to use a few days of annual time off to bolt on a little vacation at or near the destination?

Is that possible?



Our experienced travel planners know the procedures and general post operative limitations of every procedure we arrange. They know better than to coordinate a day at the beach for patients with a fresh post-operative incision and pain medications that can cause a sunburn on a cloudy day. Just because you only had some Botox and a cosmetic procedure doesn't mean they will also coordinate an elephant trek if you have a bad back or bad knee or hip in addition to your unrelated cosmetic procedure.  Our travel planners are some of the most informed, experienced, and specially trained travel planners in the industry.  If they are asked to coordinate an itinerary for a plan participant in a corporate health or wellness travel program, they ask probing questions so that they can help design a memorable experience that's not going to be contraindicated and place the plan participant at additional unreasonable risk.

Together, we determine the ideal price, dates, route, pace, accommodations, levels of pampering, style of touring, dining preferences, adventure levels, options to meet locals, and options to explore nightlife scenes. Whether you head to Pinehurst, North Carolina to play some golf, to the California Wine Country, or to Miami Beach, or to destinations on six other continents, we can help.

Separate invoices and accounting assures your privacy and confidentiality

We separate the invoices so that the employer receives only the parts that the employer has agreed to pay. All other leisure add on experiences, extended hotel bookings, car rentals, etc., are separated out and leisure add-ons are billed directly to the participant. These are private and confidential. 

Approved Hotels, Tour Operators and Attractions

Each Mercury Health Travel Approved Hotel and guest accommodation we've designated as a Mercury Health Travel Approved Provider has a spa or a massage therapist on staff who will come to the hotel for spa and in-room massages to relax and rejuvenate you after a day of adventure. You'll enjoy unique tours and local activities that differentiate one destination from another to suit your tastes, abilities and preferences. These experiences range from hot air balloon rides, to bicycle tours, to golf outings, to chauffeur-driven auto tours, memorable private picnics, concerts, and more. Strap your GoPro5 to your bike helmet or on a chest harness and create videos or broadcast on Facebook Live® to be the envy of friends, families and co-workers. 



Unparalleled Service

The world's top wellness tourism destinations await your arrival, but it's the experiences once you are there that create your life-long memories and stories to tell. We spend time to get to know you, your preferences, and deliver every imaginable opportunity to delight you. Your private plans are private and confidential.  Together, we determine the ideal price, dates, route, pace, accommodations, levels of pampering, style of touring, dining preferences, adventure levels, options to meet locals, and options to explore nightlife scenes (mainstream, alternative, gay & lesbian [GLBT], etc.).  With our established reputation and relationships, we often get our clients complimentary upgrades, breakfast included, VIP greetings and amenities from management, introductions to our locals, and access to special places and functions not otherwise available.

No other medical tourism coordinator has the ability to make the inaccessible world accessible to you with these exclusive packages that truly sets us apart from the rest.  Whether you seek a romantic getaway, a trip with a group of friends, or a corporate retreat, we can customize your health travel destination experience to fit your needs.

Fees & Cancellations

Employers pay for the bulk of the case management planning and service, including travel planning, etc.  The add on activities chosen by your plan participant is something we coordinate and bill for separately directly to them and payable by them. Our premium service is offered a rate of $170 per hour.  Fees may differ based on the length of your stay and itinerary complexity for the leisure add on.  A deposit equal to the minimum fee is taken when we establish a working relationship. If you must cancel your trip before your itinerary is complete, up to half your deposit (of our fees) may be refunded, depending upon how much time has been spent on your arrangements and whether cancellations must be made by Mercury Health Travel medical tourism coordinators.  Any cancellation fees assessed by the hotels, airlines, livery, activities and attraction suppliers or the clinic are assessed in addition to our coordination fees, so be sure to opt for trip cancellation insurance if there's any risk you may have to cancel and rebook at a later date.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express

If you have company-sponsored health travel benefit or executive checkup program, your medical and leisure expenses are invoiced separately. When traveling for health and preventive services, we can help you use your HSA or company-funded HRA to pay for some of the medical and accommodation expenses of your wellness services while paying for your leisure activities with a different credit or debit card or personal check.