Employers shift employer focus to retention in times of talent wars

By Maria Todd

CEO & Founder
Mercury Healthcare International

Shift your focus to retention with a corporate-sponsored medical and wellness travel benefit option, worksite health clinics, and onsite fitness centers.

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Employers shift focus to talent retention

When salary increases are an impossible budget item, employers get creative. The most attractive and affordable alternatives often include developing and executing attractive employee programs that are appreciated by top talent and their families. Industry reports indicate that 50% of employers identify their high potential employees through an assessment that extends beyond a formal performance evaluation. To keep them engaged, many employers offer additional training and development opportunities to these employees that go beyond the programs available for other employees.

In an improving economy and job market, employers may be at risk of losing their top tier talent without taking the time to deliberately identify those ‘at risk’ employees and seeking alternative ways in which to engage them, such as high-potential programs, career development opportunities, and non-cash recognition programs. A corporate medical travel program for surgery and wellness benefits option is one way to add a unique option that will appeal to top talent, but it may not always be pointed in the direction of overseas destinations.

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