We bring you the largest selection of accredited, inspected, US healthcare hospitals and outpatient surgery centers - each with pre negotiated, transparent bundled price surgeries.

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We Manage The Entire Patient Medical Travel Experience

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Wheels Down to Wheels Up™ Service & Beyond

Patient Guides

Information  and Expectations

Secure Medical Records Transfer

Complete Travel Planning

Patient-Family Coordination

Post-op Nutrition Coordination

Aftercare Care Continuity

Timely Feedback 

Every care journey is unique. We use advanced patient engagement and logistics management tools to provide a personalized experience for each plan member and their companion traveler. We supply them the information to guide their destination experience  through their unique journey.


Tools we bring to the experience deliver itineraries, arrival coordinator identification, appointment reminders, door-to-door directions, expectations, OR status reports for waiting companions and more. Patients appreciate the frictionless experience we provide and it shows up in beneficiary satisfaction and clinical outcomes.

Modern, Accredited, Inspected, Vetted.

Choose from a variety of hospitals and outpatient surgical facilities that have been pre-inspected and approved according to our rigorous internally-published standards.  We have health facilities at destinations all throughout the USA to meet your needs and preferences. Warm, cool, humid, dry, beachside, desert, mountains, forests, urban and rural settings await your arrival.

Appropriate Accomodations

With medical travel, not every hotel is appropriate for your stay or recovery. It depends on the procedure you’ll have an other medical and preference considerations.

We inspect each property, work with management to ensure your needs can be accommodated, and inspect each room our clients are assigned to ensure the furniture, floor coverings, power outlets, water quality, and other safety and security requirements are upheld.  Upon approval, we negotiate exclusive discounted rates not available to the general public.

Your Food. Your Way.

If patients prefer to prepare their own meals, their choices are supported with convenient online ordering and delivery of groceries.

Fully-prepared meals in a variety of cuisines, and prescription medication delivery is also available, no problem at all.  This is a checklist item included in our rigorous destination selection criteria. It has to have it all, not just doctors and hospitals to be included in our program.

How we define health travel

Health tourism is an experiential product that offers an unforgettable visitor experience. It is produced  by combining carefully coordinated travel to a destination, an opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of its people, its culture and its history, the rest and rejuvenation of its accommodations, the unique flavors and recipes of local and regional gastronomy, and the precision and compassion its health services providers working collaboratively. Together, they produce the elements to create a unique visitor experience and story-telling value that will be shared for generations.” — Maria Todd PhD MHA, founder and CEO of Mercury Healthcare International, and author of the Handbook of Medical Tourism Program Development and The Employer’s Guide to Medical Travel Benefit Design