Imagine Life Without Hip or Knee Pain

Dinner with the Doctor

Gregory J Hicken, MD FAAOS,
Board-certified, Mayo Clinic Fellowship-trained
Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Surgeon
is a leading robotic joint replacement authority.

Dr Hicken will present an information-packed, factual contrast and comparison of the robotic total and partial knee and hip replacement options in Southern Utah.

Invite a companion and join us for a delicious, fully-hosted, three-course dinner, courtesy of St George Surgical Center, at Magleby’s in St George. 

Dr. Hicken will explain the advantages of robotic-assisted precision and accuracy for implant placement, balancing, and alignment.

You’ll learn about:

  • the types of implants being used in Southern Utah
  • understand the materials of which the different implants are made
  • learn about the radiation exposure required for surgical planning
  • the use of low / non-opioid pain management and multi-modal pain management, a technique he helped pioneer
  • how long it usually takes to return to your active lifestyle and independence
  • advanced options for infection control and wound care
  • and more!

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